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In a world where organizations are swamped with too much data coming from all sorts of directions, it is difficult to make accurate and real-time decisions. So they need to become Event-Driven!

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With years of experience in Event-Driven Architecture, our experts can help you become Event-Driven or maximise the value of your Event-Driven Architecture. We offer open-ended consultancy services and well-defined managed service packages.


Our Cymo solutions are designed to seamlessly augment your existing EDA systems with prebuilt components. Whether cloud native or on-premise, our solutions run on top of your existing EDA infrastructure and provide crucial additional functionality. We are constantly working on new solutions to further complement the EDA landscape, so be sure to check back frequently.

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Do you dare to walk a new path? Do you want to create not only change for your company, but for the world? Then we are the change catalyst you need.

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Is IT at the core of what you do? Whether you’re a middle sized or large Belgian company, whether you’re an international player or local government, we will help you to navigate change.

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