Unleash the untapped potential of your real-time data!

In a world where organizations are swamped with too much data coming from all sorts of directions, it is difficult to make accurate and real-time decisions. So they need to become Event-Driven!


Businesses have a constant stream of data, that holds an incredible potential value to companies. However, this is often untapped, because this valuable data runs through a complex system of IT-solutions that don’t communicate with each other.

By becoming Event-Driven, we believe that you will be able to make the right decisions in a real-time manner based on consistent data that flows through their application landscape. We help you to get on top of your data, with the technology that is now available to us today.


We tap into the value of your business process with innovative technologies and proven principles

Cymo Architects

With years of experience in Event-Driven Architecture, our architects can help you become Event-Driven or maximise the value of your Event-Driven Architecture. We want to guide you through the journey of becoming an Event-Driven organisation, which will let you make the right decisions at the right time with the right data.

Cymo Platform

The Cymo Platform is a full-fledged, cloud-native Managed Software Platform that contains various services and features to help you get the maximum out of your Event-Driven Architecture. It supports the core capabilities of EDA, which will make your EDA life easier.

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We are an IT-startup, founded by weathered IT-experts. We believe that being at the right side of change is key to weather the storms of the future. We see it as our duty to help companies that value change, by offering a process of simplification and integration at their pace, within their budget.

The goal is always to facilitate business transformation, by creating a transparent digital platform. By doing so we are creating an accessible and highly valuable playing field that creates opportunities for the positive transformation of the business itself.


We make your Event-Driven life easier