Our experts will provide you with best practices, architectural designs and roadmaps for your EDA journey:

EDA Jump start/landing zone

Preparation is key, so to get the maximum out of your Event-Driven Architecture, you need to get the basics right. Starting with the right design principles for your events is important for your Event-Driven Architecture. Our experienced Cymo Architects provide you with the best practices to get you started. We also assist you in making the right technology choice for your Event-Driven Architecture.

EDA Audit

Already started but not sure how to continue or got stuck along the way? Our team can assist you by doing an EDA audit. We assess the existing setup or architecture and provide you with a recommendation report full of actionable items in which you can upgrade your current architecture.

Event Governance Office

EDA as a Service, as we like to call it. During your EDA implementation process, you will need different skills during the different phases of the project. We will take care of all of this for you.


Cymo platform

The Cymo Platform is a full-fledged, cloud-native Managed Software Platform that contains various services and features to help you get the maximum out of your Event-Driven Architecture. It supports the core capabilities of EDA, which will make your EDA life easier.

Cymo Foundation

An amazing tool to help you get started with EDA by providing you with design guidelines, based on our best practices, combined with an implementation governance framework.
Already started with EDA? No problem, the Cymo Foundation will analyse your current state and propose improvements to your setup.

Cymo BuRe

The data on your event hub is the single source of truth and is priceless. Therefore, you want to make sure that you always have a copy by hand in case you need to restore it.
Our BuRe solution ensures that your topics and messages are fully backed up in real-time on a location or directory of your choice. They can be restored at any time, on any location, regardless of your technology choice such as Kafka or PubSub.

Cymo Event Explorer

Knowing what is happening in your business environment is crucial if you want to make the right decisions. Business Events are happening constantly, so you want to know when and why they happened, and whether they have initiated other events. With the Cymo Event Explorer, you can explore all of your existing Business Events, view the data, and identify the process that triggered them.

Cymo Governor

Just like IT systems, all good Business Processes should be closely monitored. You can not afford to have big shipments loaded too late or invoices sent without a signed agreement of your customer.
With the Cymo Governor, you will be able to monitor your Business Processes more easily as you have a digital twin of your business behaviour on your event hub. It can alert you in any way necessary if something is not like it should be.

Cymo DocGen

Every business needs documents. Whether you are a marketing firm creating offers for your clients, an insurance broker providing certificates, or an online shop looking to create invoices for your customers, documents are always present in your environment.
The Cymo DocGen can process a high volume of document creation requests in a scalable cloud-native environment, fully hosted for you.
It also contains a collaborative solution for developers and business users that simplifies the process of creating and maintaining PDFs.