EDA Landing Zone

Preparation is key, so to get the most out of your Event-Driven Architecture, you need to get the basics right. Our EDA experts will help you to pick the right design principles and technologies for your requirements, and explain the best practices to get you started. The result is that you will have a solid foundation based on well informed decisions, to build on for any future EDA needs.

EDA landing zone

EDA Audit

Already started but not sure how to continue or got stuck along the way? Our team can assist you by doing an EDA audit. We assess the existing setup or architecture and provide you with a recommendation report full of actionable items you can use to upgrade your current architecture.

EDA Audit

EDA Center of Excellence

During your EDA implementation process, you will need different skills during the different phases of the project. Our Center of Excellence is designed to offer you a single point of contact to a whole team of EDA experts, ranging from business analysts to senior technical architects. Our cross-functional approach maximises the exchange of expertise, leading to a better business understanding on our end, and an optimal diffusion of EDA expertise on yours.

Center of Excellence

EDA Consultancy

Already have your EDA plans well laid-out but looking for a specific profile to line out your team? Don’t worry, our pool of experts is more than happy to join your projects. We offer open-ended consultancy services to fit your exact needs, and work with you on a plan that fits your EDA strategy.