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Who am I and what is my role at Cymo?

Hi I’m Jonas and as of August 2022, I work at Cymo as a Developer Enabler. Cymo specialises in Event-Driven Architecture and previously I had worked on several projects with focus on events. During my time at mateco, where we implemented Event-Driven Architecture, we chose to use Confluent Kafka. That was my first experience with the concept of putting your data centrally and I instantaneously fell in love.

Before I've built architectures that were Event-Driven using different kinds of message brokers but Kafka does add a whole new perspective to this architectural style. It also was the time where I met the founders of Cymo, who were involved in this project.

I am a Software Engineer who enjoys being at the intersection of software, business, and architecture. And I thrive when I can empower teams. That’s exactly what Cymo offers, and it’s Event-Driven too!

Next to that I believe in the power of extreme programming. Things like writing your tests first (TDD) based on business requirements, and pair programming are the true nature of being agile and building resilient software, for me.

This critical junction where architectural vision and business requirements are translated into technical implementations, is where my skills and competences excel. Over the years, I have developed an expertise and gained insights in Event-Driven Architecture. Sharing these experiences with the development teams and ensuring they align with the chosen architecture, while not losing sight of the business requirements, is what makes me a valuable Developer Enabler.

Within my role as Developer Enabler, I do not only need to be a pure technologist, but also an effective communicator. It is crucial that development teams have a clear understanding of these topics, and that's where I come in. I prefer to work on technical or architectural solutions that I can then transfer knowledge to development teams. I like to create and share technical visions. Of course, I also like to keep developing myself. It is a great advantage to be able to combine coding and architecture. The two are interdependent and my role requires to have good knowledge about both.


What does a day look like in my current role?

Transferring technical knowledge about Event-Driven Architecture to development teams starts with explaining what an Event-Driven Architecture is from all perspectives within the organisation. Then, we dig deeper into what it means for a developer. There are many pitfalls, dos and don'ts. Not everything can be shared, but the most important aspects are certainly communicated. It depends on the project, and I scale and intervene as needed with additional presentations, hands-on labs, or even participation with the development teams. This last aspect is critical because it can be difficult to assess the pain points from a distance.

The ultimate goal is for teams to have all the knowledge and insights they need to continue on their own through this deep hands-on coaching.

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