Key Features

When to use Kanika?

Disaster Recovery

In the event of a natural disaster or other catastrophic event, businesses may lose access to their event data. By backing up the events in a remote location or the cloud, businesses can recover the data and resume operations as quickly as possible.

Disaster recovery

Human Error

What if someone accidentally deletes that topic on prod? Or a bug has been deployed that removes or corrupts data? In that case, you would like to restore the right data before it affects more of the entire landscape.

Human error

Environment Cloning

Define that important set of event data and spin up a new environment of that specific use case, such as a demo environment or test environment. Or this event data can be analyzed for data mining or machine learning activities in a separate cluster/environment.


Back up your events - you'll thank yourself later!

Should anything go wrong, it’s always good to have a contingency plan. You don’t want your hard work going to waste...

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